Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Mom Award

I am starting another repeat title, because I know stuff like this will happen often: I have officially experienced feeling like a HORRIBLE mom. Which is major, because I didn't even feel like a horrible mom when Children's Protective Services showed up at my door (long story there...and a possible future "Bad Mom Award" post)!

I was holding Bug on my lap while sitting at the computer, and he was bouncing up and down. Then, he leaned forward...very quickly. I wasn't able to catch him quite in time, so he whacked his little face into the edge of the desk and acquired his first black eye. It's really just below his eye, and it doesn't look TOO bad. But, way to go me, right!?! Every time I look at him now, I feel so sad because of the desk shaped imprint on him little cheek! It is pretty small, but he has a small face, too! Bug was such a trooper, though. He cried for only a minute...while I was frantically getting myself prepared to nurse him back into a happy state of bliss. After nursing, he was just fine...even with the bruise! Breast milk is magic!


Scotty said...

I don't like "bad mom awards" you are not a bad mom, you are human just like everyone else. You can share the stories but they don't mean that your a bad mom. I love you.

The Thalman's said...

Oh, Scotty! You are so cute! Remember the whole "tongue-in-cheek" part of this whole blog!?! I'm LAMENTING! jaja, I love you too!