Thursday, September 18, 2008

I can nurse anyway I want to

My poor son is incredibly patient with me.

Hubby, Baby and I were all laying in bed the other night. I was laying in the middle (that's where I have to be if the boys are going to share me nicely), on my back. We were just talking and enjoying our "before bed" quality time. Bug had been so tired and hungry, but he always perks up when we get to the bed, because he knows that he will get fed and put to sleep. Well, I was kind of delaying feeding Bug, mostly because I knew I would probably fall asleep while nursing, too!

Because I was -obviously- taking too long, Bug decided to roll over onto his stomach and was holding his little head up high, looking at his mommy and daddy. He raises his eyebrows, like they will help him hold his head up higher, and stares at his parents, trying to convey the message--Time for Bed! However, because Bug wasn't fussing yet, Hubby and I kept talking and enjoying our time together.

Then I felt something bumping me. I looked over at Bug, and he was trying to latch onto my breast! He obviously didn't care that he was laying on his belly, he didn't even care that my shirt was in the way! He just wanted to nurse. So, being the kind mother that I am, I figured I would let him. I pulled my shirt out of his way and helped him just a little to latch on, and he started sucking away! It was just so hilarious that I had to laugh. When I laughed at him, Bug pulled off and looked at me with such an innocent face that I had to laugh even more. Apparently, Bug just decided that his momma is crazy and laughs all the time, because he latched on again and when right back to nursing. Of course, that made me laugh even more....I guess my laughing was quite the distraction, because Bug pull off again to see what was so funny. He was being so patient with me, and he was so hungry, I decided that I would roll over and feed my poor son in an easier position. I wonder what nursing will be like once he gets even more mobile!

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Brightonwoman said...

Oh yeah, the older they get the more exciting their nursing positions get. LOL. I've made a couple of posts about the joys of nursing my toddler...upside down, while he dances...yeah. It's wild.