Monday, June 29, 2009

Creepy Crawly Bug

When I stop and think about where Bug was developmentally last year, it blows my mind to watch him now! His little body is growing. He is working hard on his motor skills, both gross and fine. And it is amazing!

Even before Bug was born, he was a mover. I would sit on the couch with my huge, swollen belly and watch the rolls and jumps of that precious little life that was inside of me. And then he was born, and he just kept moving. His scrawny arms and legs would wave and pump almost the whole time he was awake.

Then he learned how to roll over. And I was in awe.

Then he learned how to crawl. And I was in awe.

The he learned how to walk. And I was in awe.

It is just that amazing to me. And now, he rolls and crawls and walks and runs. And I am in awe.

Bug even likes to impress me with walking backwards. Oh yeah, he is just that good! And when I laugh at him, he tries some other physical feat to make me smile some more. When he gets really excited, he tries to run...but he doesn't get very far. Instead of running, he ends up hopping from foot to foot very quickly. And then he often falls down. He may need a little work on his balance.

But, boy oh boy, you should see that child dance! He has rhythm. (I think most kids are born with it.) And anything can be a beat to dance to: the tick of the toaster, the washer, the dryer, the hum of the air conditioning units, my phone's ring, the alarm clock. Bug's got the latin groove in his little body, and when he dances, it shows.

I swear, he puts Elvis to shame with his little, swingin' hips.

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