Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where, oh, Where?

Where, oh, where has my lanolin gone?

I made it a whole 14 months of breastfeeding without needing it (ok, ok, so I'm one day shy of 14 months of breastfeeding, and I did use it several months ago for a pair of Bug's wool longies). Fourteen months with it sitting exactly where it belongs...except when it was in Bug's toy box...or on the living room floor. BUT, at least then I knew where it was, just in case I did need it.


I used to think those women who need and use lanolin were just silly. I never had a problem with getting dry or chapped in those areas that are involved with nursing. Well...except when I had to deal with thrush. But then you aren't supposed to use lanolin. So I didn't. I don't think those women are silly anymore. Lanolin is a gift from God. Or it would be if I could FIND it!!!

Under the couch? Nope.
In the couch? Nope.
In one of the computer desk drawers? Nope.
In the drawer under the stove? Nope.
In Bug's toy box? Nope.
In any conceivable place? Nope.
In any inconceivable place? Obviously not, because I've looked.

That's it. Tonight I'm headed to Wal-Mart.

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mimihalley said...

I'm sorry you couldn't find it! Isn't that life though? It's always there when you DON'T need it! :)