Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The torture known as Thrush.

Doing some Internet research, I found that Thrush can be caused by:
a.) taking antibiotics. The antibiotics kill off bacteria, including the good kind. This opens up space for yeast to have a little party. This isn't our case, though. No antibiotics here.
b.) stress. Stress can do all kinds of weird things to your body, including throwing your bacterial/fungal system out of whack...resulting in a possible yeast infection. Once again, I don't think this is our case. Unless Grandma Marty taking Bug to the park to look at ducks counts as stress. Unlikely.
c.) no reason whatsoever. Interesting, is it not? That sometimes these things just pop up out of nowhere? Well, whatever you say. This must be our case!

As many of my readers have probably figured out, I am not big into the modern medical world. So, the first thing I did when I found those cheesy, white spots inside Bug's mouth was head to the nearest natural foods store to pick up some Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) and some Acidophilus powder. I've been alternating between the two with various types of treatment (oral, paste, solution).

I haven't seen much improvement yet. Bug's mouth is still patched with white, and my....erm...nursies...are tender, red and blistered. Which is where the torture comes into play. Nursing a 13 month old is a complete joy and pleasure. Most of the time. I know Bug still needs to nurse. Unfortunately, that is the only thing keeping me from weaning him right now. And I will tell you what, thrush is NOT helping. It is so painful for me. (So, you if you want to comment, make sure you are only telling me to keep up nursing, that I can do it, that I'm supermom, that this too shall pass. Or tell me how you cured your own case of thrush. But if you tell me it's ok to go ahead a wean, I will find your house and put Gentian Violet in your washer.)

I can't tell if the thrush is painful for Bug. He still nurses and eats and puts everything in his mouth. (Yes, this thrush is probably going to be difficult to beat, because of Bug's mouthing habits.) But, I do suspect that it is bothering him to some extent. How can I tell??? He has turned into a complete and total pill! I know it may seem selfish of me, because I don't know the extent of Bug's discomfort, but I really think I'm getting the short end of the stick here!

My last bit of hope...before resorting to all kinds of anti-fungal treatments that may or may not work, from the doctor...would be to get Gentian Violet. I feel like this is a middle of the road treatment. It isn't nystatin, but it isn't GSE, either. Oh, and have I mentioned that it has been linked to mouth cancer!? And that it stains -everything- so well that biologists use it to stain and look at microscopic organisms!? Let's just say, I'm hesitant to use this stuff.

All this because of...nothing. Or maybe those ducks did stress out Bug.


Veronica said...

Ouch, Ouch OUCH! I hope whatever you use works and FAST! That sounds miserable. What did you want to read? Oh, yea.. keep it up supermom you will make it through (i hope)... ; )

Christy said...

Don't be afraid of Gentian Violet, and even Nystatin if it doesn't get better SOON. It is so worth it to keep nursing! (I refused to wean until AFTER my baby and I had kicked thrush--it should happen when you're ready, not because of thrush.) But still, you don't have to put up with the pain forever.

Are you taking Grapefruit Seed Extract pills yourself? Make sure to treat your body as well as baby's.

Terresa said...

mmm, thrush. That's one thing my babies & I never got but I was super worried about getting (well, that and mastitis, which thank my lucky stars I never got, either)...

Best of luck, it should clear up in time. (((hugs)))

Martha said...


Melinda said...

Man Mallory, I've been such a jerk, I haven't been commenting in forever! I'm so sorry! :( I'm also SO SORRY about the thrush, my oldest had thrush as a baby, but sorry I went to the doctor and it cleared it right up. Plus it didn't pass to me, thanks goodness! I feel really bad you're dealing with it, I hope its gotten worked out!