Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freshly Mopped Floor

There is something about a freshly mopped floor. It is so smooth. Shiny. Clean.

Wait...Did I say clean?

Well, it may be clean. For a few seconds post-mopping. But that "something" about a freshly mopped floor, is usually "something" ON my freshly mopped floor. And, surprisingly in my house, the something isn't normally the by-product of children. That would be the story of the freshly changed diaper. Or the freshly vacuumed living room.

But I'm talking about that mopped floor. Let me elaborate: Do not pour a jar of spaghetti sauce in a pan that is already hot. It will sizzle. Burn. And splatter on your freshly mopped floor.

Do exercise caution when later washing that saucy pan, to avoid saucy water sloshing onto your freshly mopped floor.

Do not use a mixer (that your loving husband broke), combined with a too-small bowl, to cream your sugar and not-so-soft butter for cookies. Unless, of course, you would prefer your kitchen floor (that has just been freshly mopped) to feel more like a sandy beach.

Don't pick up a hot cookie, then promptly drop it onto your freshly mopped floor. It most likely will crumble into a million tiny, sugary pieces that are impossible to clean up...unless you pull out that mop (that is probably still damp from the last mopping).

Really, just don't go into the kitchen ever again after it has been freshly mopped.

Or...better yet...just don't mop.


Heatherlady said...

Ha! I agree. It seems like mopping is just a waste of time for me too-- and I REALLY hate it. Have you ever seen those robots that sweep and mop your floor for you-- I think that if I ever have several hundred dollars extra to blow I seriously think of getting one. I'm glad I found your blog.

Terresa said...

This is timely. I've been contemplating mopping my tile floors all morning, and turning my back to them, blogging and reading away.

Maybe it's time for some blue & green playdough with the kids. Then I'll have a better excuse to mop tomorrow and not today.
--Terresa @ The Chocolate Chip Waffle

Martha said...

You make me laugh!

mimihalley said...

Awwww sad day! But I am impressed that you mopped to begin with!

Anonymous said...

speaking of floors, i'm trying to go green and wondering if y'all know hhow green are green cleaners ?