Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music Man

At last, my wishes have been granted. I saw a spark of musical talent in Bug! (I've mentioned before that he has a great beat and can dance like nothing else I've ever seen. But, this is the first hint that he may have an instrumental future.) Not that I ever should have doubted that he would be musical, I mean, just look at his genes! Not every day do kids get a mom that has a voice like mine...of course, that seems to be my only musical talent. We all know that if you asked me to learn how to play the cello, it would be equivalent to asking me to turn into a swordfish. Impossible. That being said, I DID play the saxophone when I was in junior high school. I must say, I really did get into the swing of things when we were playing Tequila! for our spring performance. But, then I quit band. I'm not sure I could even get a saxophone to make noise now! And I also have taken about four whole years of piano lessons. They really are serious when they say you have to practice. The only thing I got out of those four years is the ability to read music and know what the keys on the piano are. Give me a year, and I might be able to play all four parts of a short song...provided it doesn't have any sharps or flats. (What key is that, anyway?) But, I can sing!!!

Anyway, this isn't all about my musical aptitude, it is all about Bug. Every morning, I take my temperature, in order to chart for FAM. My thermometer, thus, is always right on the bedside table, protected from the world in its clear plastic case. However, it isn't protected from Bug. He loves playing with the thermometer and the case. (This is leading to something musical, I promise.) Well, the other day, Bug was sitting on the bed, amid mounds and mounds of laundry. I was bringing in yet another mound when I heard a strange whistling noise. It was coming from one of the mounds of laundry on the bed. Strange. I got closer and finally saw Bug sitting there, with his hands on his lap, and the case to my thermometer in his mouth. He was breathing in and out through the two small holes on the bottom of the case, and as he did, it whistled. I was amazed, and I told Bug how incredibly smart and talented he is. He smiled, laughed and whistled some more.

Next stop, buy that kid a recorder. Or should we start with something a little more advanced? How about an oboe?


mimihalley said...

Hehe :) That is very impressive! Definitely a recorder. But maybe wait three years. ;) And cool! I didn't know you loved to sing!

Terresa said...

Oboe...that's funny. I used to play the clarinet & the oboe always put me in awe.

My kids are good at many things I'm not, including whistling (which I still can't do) and playing those high pitched plastic recorders.

Melinda said...

My Oldest was about 8 months when she got ahole to the top of the teapot, stuck it in her mouth and started whistling through it! We loved it, well until it got so loud and obnoxious it hurt our heads. :)
Way to go Bug, you're going to be a prodigy!!

Rachel Sue said...

Just some advice: a harmonica is easier and less annoying than a recorder. Trust me.