Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mum's the Word

There is nothing like a parenting book to make you feel like you are screwing your kid up for life. And I'm not even talking about discipline. That is a whole other post! I'm talking about the fact that I can't force Bug to develop exactly how and when I want him to. No matter how many times the book may express that children all learn and grow and develop at their own rates, you have to compare your child with the best. Everybody wants their children to be the best. The most advanced. If one kid out there started talking at one day old, you start looking for a well renowned speech therapist because your kid isn't forming sentences by a week old.

Or maybe this is just how I feel. Please tell me I'm just paranoid, and insecure, and crazy.

Bug is almost fifteen months old, and he still isn't consistently (and correctly) calling me Mama. In fact, I don't think he has ever, purposely, called me Mama. Let alone using any other words. I want him to be on top of his game. He is developing above and beyond physically. That is evident by the number of times he climbs up onto our kitchen table every day. But he doesn't talk. And he doesn't know that when I ask him, "Where's Mommy's nose?" that he isn't supposed to shove his whole hand down my throat.

He babbles away all the time...especially when he has a toy cell phone to his ear. It sounds like he is speaking, and I am just dying to understand what those foreign words mean. Yet, he doesn't say "dog" or "ball". The other day, I nearly exploded with excitement when it sounded like Bug said "buh-bye" in context. I kept asking everyone in hearing range if they heard him and if they thought it sounded like what I thought it sounded like.

Of course, my parents so lovingly remind me that when they are young (especially with your first child) you can't wait for them to walk and talk. However, once they learn how, you just want them to sit down and shut up.


TopHat said...

Don't worry- Margaret doesn't say Mama or Mom or Mommy. She calls everything "Dee." I think it was originally short for "Daddy." She does have "No" down well, though.

Oh and Margaret doesn't know where anyone's nose is either.

And Bug DOES sound advanced- climbing! Margaret just learned about climbing recently, but doesn't do much.

S. Chaffee said...

Trust me! You're not the only mom who's gone through this. If Bug is developing well physically then verbally will probably be slower until he gets older. Most kids develope one area faster then they develope on others. When he gets around two/three/four/ish then he'll start to catch up in all areas. Don't worry about how he's developing unless something changes all of a sudden or everyone's kid is doing WAY better. Usually this isn't the case though and there is nothing to worry about.

Future Mama said...

hahaha!! What a contrast huh? I imagine that would be difficult for me to absorb.. feeling like you're responsible for EVERY thing they learn or don't. Don't worry though, I'm not a mom but I'm sure he'll come around!

mimihalley said...

I don't know much about toddler development yet, but he seems super smart to me! :)

Scotty said...

Hunny, your just paranoid, and insecure, and crazy. Love your hubby.