Friday, July 10, 2009

Independence Day weekend

I know I'm probably the last person the finally do some sort of post about Independence Day. I kept flip-flopping back and forth about whether or not to actually do a post about our weekend. Then, I decided that too much happened that would make all those perfect moms out there cringe, and I just have to type it all out. For posterity, at least. And to add to my award collection.

Friday, July 3rd, we went to the park for a picnic. We actually just ate a bunch of junk food while sitting in the car. Then we took Bug over to the slides. We had taken him on slides before, and he really enjoyed them. This time, the slides generated a massive amount of static electricity. Seriously, any neighboring farms could hook up their cow fences to the playground and pay kids to go down the slide all day long. The hubs would go down the slide, then come kiss me. Then he would do it again. Every stinkin' time, the shock was massive! By the time we left, I could feel tingly specks all over my face. And we even gave a couple kisses to Bug. He would just look at us with shock on his face (har, har!). Yeah, what the heck was that? That, my son, is called static electricity.

On Independence Day, we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center. It was rainy all day, so it was nice to do something fun indoors. The museum had a dinosaur exhibit that we went to, and it had HUGE (I guess life size?) robot dinosaurs that would move and roar at you when you walked past. Luckily, Bug didn't even cry. But I'm wondering if he will have nightmares about raging dinos of death now. That, my son, is called biological history.

After the dinosaur exhibit, we also took Bug to the children's museum. He had a great time with water and sand and plastic balls. (Even though there were other kids always in the way, and we had to keep moving around if we wanted him to experience more things.) They have a whole area full of balls that you can play with, along with awesome contraptions to make it more fun. Bug's favorite was a vacuum tube that you held a ball underneath, and it would suck the ball up and into a big ball container. It was pretty neat. That, my son, is called physics.

That night, we went to fireworks. Oh yeah, I did mention it was rainy all day? Right? We went anyway. We were sitting pretty far back, but the rainy mist still brought all kinds of ash down on top of us. My face looked like I had crawled through a chimney by the time we walked back to our car (which took us twenty minutes, I might add). And huge clouds of sulfur-smelling smoke rolled over us after a particularly large display. Bug didn't like the fireworks too much. They were pretty, but they were loud. And it was cold. And wet. And ashy. And smoky. And smelly. And late. So Bug hung out underneath the blanket and nursed the whole time. That, my son, is called pyrotechnics.

Then, on Sunday, we were watching the Swiss Family Robinson when Bug stuck his finger in an outlet. Poor little guy cried. But he wasn't seriously hurt. And he had fun playing with the stethoscope we got out to check his little heartbeat. (Don't you all have functional stethoscopes laying around your house?) That, my son, is more than just static electricity!

I'm beginning to wonder if Bug will really like hands on learning by the time he's ready for formal education!?

And to top off the crazy weekend, Bug is teething again. This time, it's a big bad tooth. So, bring on the snot and the whining. We can handle it.


Terresa said...

I love the bit about the slide & static electricity kisses.

mimihalley said...

Hehe, looks like bug definitely learned a lot that weekend! I wish slides didn't make so much static electricity. :( Painful! And why are there no pictures of you with the firework ashes all over your face? Hehe :)