Friday, July 24, 2009


Bug loves to give kisses. Unless I ask him to give me a kiss. Then he usually turns his head and acts like he didn't hear my request for a smooch. But, when he does kiss me, he thinks that he is supposed to kiss on the mouth. That's OK with me, I guess. For now. I know some families do the whole mouth kissing thing. Mine, growing up, wasn't one of them. I thought the families that did that were weird.

Then, Bug was born. And he had such sweet little lips. I couldn't help it. Every time I kissed him, I kissed those soft baby lips. (I've actually read that that is a natural instinct for moms to kiss their babies mouths, in order to inoculate themselves with the germs that baby is about to swallow. Then the moms can make antibodies that will go straight to baby via breast milk. Amazing!?)

Then, Bug got old enough to give kisses. And the excitement of it (for him) didn't last long. Apparently, I get so mushy and overreact, and then Bug doesn't want to kiss me anymore. But, when he does, he opens his mouth wide and plops a kiss right on my mouth. It's always very slobbery.

And, recently, Bug has found that he can suck while giving a kiss, and it creates hilarious reactions from mommy and daddy! Oh yeah, he also discovered something else that causes a hilarious reaction...chomp down on mommy's puckering lips. Mmmmmmmuah!


S. Chaffee said...

My little Wiggles loves giving me kisses on the lips too. I also thought it was weird until my little ones started doing it. He loves it when I say 'Oh yuck! That one was wet!' Then he tries to give me another one. It's turned into a game for him. I love it!

Rachel Sue said...

I just love little toddler kisses. My son loves giving kisses, which is wonderful because I can't get enough

Melinda said...

My family aren't lip kissers either, but I love to kiss my kids! When they get too old, there will be no lip kisses, but for now I eat it up!

mimihalley said...

How funny! I also used to think it was weird. My family also didn't do kisses on the lips (at least when I was old enough to remember). So, I always thought it was way weird and that I never would, but now that I have a baby it's just what happens and seems to natural! :) Hehe. My niece is 18 mos old, and she recently learned that she should give her kisses with her mouth closed and make the "muah" sound. (Before she was a sloppy, open-mouthed, practically licking kiss), so kisses from her are much more pleasant now. My cousin's son thinks that when his mom says "give kisses," what he does his put his forehead forward for you to kiss. Hehe. :)