Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween is finally here. I must admit, this year is WAY more fun that last year was. Last year, Bug was only six months old. He didn't care about candy or costumes or carving pumpkins or going from house to house for trick or treating. THIS year, however, Bug cares about all of that. He is your basic toddler. That means he is curious about everything and into everything. He loves sweet treats and getting messy. And he even loves seeing everyone dressed up in costumes. He just stares and stares, wondering why people look funny.

This year, we dressed Bug up as Avatar Aang. If you don't know who that is, you are seriously missing out. Avatar is an adorable Nickelodeon anime-type show. I love watching it. And it was going to be so easy to turn Bug into Aang that I couldn't resist. So....I shaved his head. Bought him a yellow pullover sweater. Made him a red cloak. The best thing about his outfit is that he can wear most of it on any other day, too! (In fact, he is wearing a pair of red sweat pants that he wore for Halloween last year. Except last year they were huge on him and this year they are getting too small!) And he stood incredibly still while I painted a blue arrow on his head!

These pictures were taken at our church's Trunk or Treat this past Tuesday. So tell you think Bug makes an excellent Aang, or what!? (And believe it or not, he isn't eating candy in these pictures, he was sucking on his cloak. Weird kid.)

Bug as Aang:
Compared to Aang as Aang
[photo removed, click to get the picture]

Oh, yeah. I did a good job on this costume!

The whole family:
The husband and I were going to go as Peace and Quiet (a hippie and a mime), except the hubby didn't want to be a hippie...and I wanted to actually dress up! So we decided to both go as mimes. It was fun. And, I tell you what, the hubs should make a profession out of it! He was hilarious the whole evening; picking on people, staying quiet, juggling and doing all sorts of mime things! Now, if only he had let me do his makeup for him!


JaelCustomDesigns said...

I Love It!

Popping in from SITS!
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

yeah you guys were totally cute! that was a fun night

mimihalley said...

awesome! "Peace and Quiet!" That is such a cute idea!! :)

And I think you did a great job getting Bug to look like Aang.

You did a great job on your makeup. :)

I wish I could have seen you guys!

Rachel Sue said...

So cute! So then, did you talk?