Monday, October 26, 2009

One, two, WHEEEE!!!!

Bug is a climber. Seriously, I should encourage him to join the circus when he gets a little bit older. I have no idea how he does it. If the wall has a .002mm indent, he will use it as a foothold and climb. He fears no heights. Actually, he fears nothing. Maybe he would fear not being able to climb? I don't know? The kid is crazy.

And it gets better...after he has climbed (on top of side tables, kitchen tables, computer desk, dresser, coffee table, chairs, step stools, four inch wide headboard...) he likes to jump. And I must admit, I probably encourage this behavior. I can't help it. When Bug gets up to the summit of Mt. Whatever, he turns and looks at me with such pride. And then he holds out his hands.

So, I count. One. T-Bug jumps while I am totally unprepared and I nearly drop him on his head-wo. Three! And Bug enthusiastically calls out, "Tee!" or "Whee!" Sometimes, Bug will climb up, bounce and "count" while he waits for me to outstretch my arms. His counting sounds like this: "Uh, Ooh, TEE!"

If I am within 5 feet of Bug, I must be prepared to catch him. Because he will jump.

The kid is crazy.


mimihalley said...

awwww :)

3T's said...

I'm right there with you! We are constantly finding Trey on top of tables counters etc. He uses his toys (buckets and his Bumbo) to help him climb so we had to take them away from him. Now we are trying to drill into him "no climb!!" He doesn't listen very well but we try!

Rachel Sue said...

My kids used to do that on the stairs. I would be walking down the stairs in front of them and hear, "Mommy, catch me!" and turn around just in time for them to jump. There were some close calls, I have to say.

deyoder said...

I love it! My oldest was like this! I think that if she decided to, she could scale a blank wall! They keep you on your toes that way! I'd bet he's cute flying through the air though!