Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Boys

One really annoying thing about little boys is that they can pee in all directions. And when they pee, they pee. There is no trickling or dribbling. It is all out squirting and spraying.

I was once talking to a lady at a friend's party about little boys and their urinating capabilities. She told me the most hilarious story about when her son was a baby. She said he was just screaming away as she tried to quickly change his diaper. When the cold air hit his baby bottom he started to pee...up, over his body and into his open mouth. This lady said that he gurgled and sputtered through his cry because of the pee in his mouth. Luckily, he didn't breathe any into his lungs. But his mom just totally flipped out. She was a new mom, and so called the pediatrician frantically, wondering if her son would be alright. After all, he just had a mouthful of pee! The nurse on the phone told her that urine is sterile, and that the baby would, indeed, be alright. This lady swears that she heard the other nurses in the office laughing in the background!

When I found out that I was having a boy, I decided to buy some "Pee pee Tee pee's" to try to keep the spray at bay. I later discovered that they weren't very helpful, as they didn't stay on Bug's little pee pee to even act as a tee pee. All you have to do, is learn how to change diapers quickly. But, no matter how fast you can change a diaper, you have to make sure that the little squirt is pointing down. Not sideways. And definitely not up. I learned that the hard way-wet outfits and wondering how the heck my son could pee outside of his diaper!

Bug is old enough now that I don't really have to worry about him peeing while I change his diaper. The trouble now is him removing his diaper without my knowledge. OR sticking his hands in his diaper and pulling his goods out the top. One day the hubs noticed a wet spot on the carpet in our hallway. He assumed it was a harmless wet spot (we do have a toddler, after all....then again, that may not be a good explanation for harmless wet spots) but jokingly asked, "What, did Bug pee on the floor?" I shrugged my shoulders, but went to investigate anyway. And, what do you know...I discovered Bug with his pants off, onesie unsnapped, and diaper missing. The really funny thing is, I had seen him running around with his onesie unsnapped for a while and thought nothing of it. I wonder how long he had been without a diaper!? And I hope that I never find anything more menacing that a wet spot after something like that happens!


Mommy Bee said...

I am an oldest child, and had lots of little brothers (well, ok, 4, and admittedly I didn't change diapers for the first two cuz I was pretty young still...). In any case I had *experience* with changing little boys when Bear was born. I was an old pro, you know? This kiddo wasn't going to pee on me, I knew how to be fast and keep things pointed properly and we were gonna be good!
He peed on me by the time he was about 8 hrs old. In my face. In my EYE.
So much for being an old pro!!

Rachel Sue said...

I really, really want to know how they pee out the diaper. I swear, with both my boys they have had completely dry diapers, but are soaked every where else! How is it even possible!