Thursday, October 29, 2009

I gotta go...Again!

Last week, I bought Bug his very own potty. I was always very opposed to buying a potty that I would have to empty and clean...but it seems to be worth it.

Over a month ago, I bought a cushioned toilet trainer seat that fits onto the regular toilet. I would sit Bug up on the toilet and try everything I could to encourage him to -go- on the toilet. I would turn water on, sprinkle Bug with water, say "Pssssss", vocally tell him to pee and try all of the techniques that are recommended by those who do elimination communication. (I also would grunt and tell him to poo...I wasn't going to be picky, of course.) He went pee once. I would try and try to get him to do it again. But he just was not interested. I knew it was still early for me to try potty training Bug, but I wanted to try. Bug is so independent, I just felt that it would be good to go ahead and start to try.

Finally, I gave in and bought a cheap toddler potty. I took Bug's pants and diaper off and helped him sit on the potty. Then I asked him if he would go pee. And you know what? He peed!!! I got so excited for him. I clapped. I hooted and whooped and did a little dance. And Bug smiled hugely at me.

Then, I emptied the container into the toilet, rinsed it, and put it back in the seat of Bug's potty. I hadn't put Bug back into a diaper (I figured he would be fine with some diaper free time, because he just peed). As soon as I got the potty back together, Bug sat down on it again. He clenched his hands and grunted and strained for a couple seconds. Then he looked up at me with a happy face and started clapping his hands. He got up off the potty and we both peered into it. There was a little puddle of urine. I clapped again and verbally praised Bug for using his potty again. And I, once again, cleaned the container...still without re-diapering Bug. And...AGAIN...Bug sat on his seat and squeezed and strained and clapped. And was rewarded with praise again as I found three little drops of yellow fluid in the potty. Repeat cleaning process. Finally, I got a diaper and clothes back on Bug before he could once again show me how great he is at using his potty.

And that is how it has gone ever since. In the morning after we wake up, I let Bug use his potty....about three times in a row. Before our shower, I go through it all again. Sometimes we do the routine in the afternoon. And we always do it before bed.

It can be annoying...because I never wanted to have to clean the stupid potty in the first place. (And now I have to clean it three times more than I should have to.) But it is also exciting, because Bug understands. He knows that it is where he should go potty. He obviously recognizes and knows what it feels like to pee. We don't use it all the time, he still has to have his diaper changed throughout the day. And he hasn't learned to defecate in his potty yet. But, I must say, it is a great start to teaching him how to use a toilet!


One Cluttered Brain said...

Coming from SITS! You have been blogging for a year and just found out aBOUT SITS? Congrats and WELCOME!! I have been doing this since Jan 2009, Mombabe over at MMB told me about this site. It's awesome!!!
Looking forward to getting to know you better!

Terresa said...

Hurrah for potty training! I asked my 2 yr old son earlier today, "Wanna go on the toilet?" and he answered, "No." And then just looked at me and pooped his pants. At least he's still wearing a diaper.

Karen said...

I don't have kids and I haven't dealt with the potty training thing, but I wanted to stop by and say hello!

I'm glad you found SITS. You are going to love it there!

Goldibug said...

You are so lucky! When I was potty training my oldest he fought tooth and nail about going potty. He wanted to stay a baby FOREVER!!! It wasn't until a month before his FOURTH! birthday did he finally start using the toilet. He still leaves skid marks in his underwear before he goes #2 but at least he goes. Now my biggest challenge with him is to get him to wipe his own bum without him crying that he can't the whole time. Fortunatly my second son is doing about a 1000 times better! He won't poo but he loves to pee. Right now he takes his diaper off everytime he feels wet. I love it because he doesn't have any accidents on the floor!

Lori said...

Oh I remember those days!!! Good luck to you! I remember doing the clapping and dancing... He'll get it in time!

Happy Saturday Sharefest! Visiting from SITS!

JoeyRes said...

I thought potty training was going to be the thing that finally broke me. Sounds like you're off to a good start - Good luck!

3T's said...

That is SO awesome!!! He is well on his way to being totally trained!! We need to do that with Trey!!

mimihalley said...

I'm very impressed!!