Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back...yet away

Ponder that title just for a little bit. It's amazing how TRUE that statement is. First off, I hope nobody missed me too much while I packed, moved and waited impatiently for my Internet to be up and running again. My husband must really understand how important the Internet is to me, because he made sure that it got hooked up ASAP. We were fully moved into the new apartment on Saturday, and Monday night we had Internet. That man loves me! Oh, and for the record, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NEW APARTMENT. IT TOTALLY ROCKS AND YOU PROBABLY WISHED YOU LIVED HERE, TOO!

So, I'm back [online, to blogging, to wasting time on the Internet]. And yet, I am AWAY! I no longer live in the same town as my parents and in-laws. (Oh yeah, you probably didn't know, but my parents' house practically shares a backyard with my in-laws' house. Really, we would walk between them all the time.) Of course, I still live really close. But I AM farther away. And that puts us in a different ward at church. And it might make us plan our visits a little bit more. It is actually quite a relief.

Let me tell you what: having the only grandkid on my side of the family, and the only one close to home on my husband's side of the family, means that Bug is S-P-O-I-L-E-D. He isn't really spoiled with things, but with attention. Of course, I really don't think you can spoil a baby with attention. But, with two grandma's living really close, it gets pretty ridiculous. And once you add in the aunts and uncle and, I guess, the grandpas that love to love on Bug...Seriously. It is too much. Honestly, I don't mind having free sitters that are almost always available. Really, I should use them more often. BUT....the "fighting" and "arguing" that goes on drives me batty! "You guys are always at their house." or "Weren't you over at their house last week?" or "I want to hold him today at church!" or this grandma is the favorite or that grandma is the favorite or that aunt is the favorite, blah blah blah.


I can't handle that! There is just so much competition to win Bug's heart. Let me tell you all something--HE'S A BABY AND WILL LOVE ANYONE THAT HE SEES MORE THAN TWICE A MONTH!!! Heck, he will probably love you as long as you aren't a brand spankin' new stranger. And even then, he may still love you.

So, I am grateful to be just a little bit farther away from all the familial craziness. We'll see how well it takes care of the problem. Or, we may have to move to Brazil.

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Karena said...

Be grateful that being close to family is a problem and not being too far away.

Anonymous said...

LOL! My family always does this with my boys too! Thanks goodness we are now in different states. LOL! It makes the visits so much easier!

Melinda said...

Oh do I know what you're saying--it really is hard isn't it? We moved away (like states away) and are trying to move back home, it was good for us to be on our own and hopefully will be easier to deal with when we go back! SO glad you like your new apartment! :)

Martha said...

I'll let this one go...