Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chop Chop

Bug was born with a lot of hair. And then, as he got a little bit older, he lost nearly all of it. Typical. Then, he started growing back the most beautiful, soft, strawberry blonde hair a mother could ever want for her child. It was still very fine. And he never had those desirable curls. But it was still perfect hair.

But, it kept growing, and it was over his ears, getting down past his eyebrows, and looking a little too much like a mullet in the back. I didn't want to cut his hair until he was a year old. I thought I could wait those last two months. But, apparently I couldn't. My sons will never be allowed to have such scraggly, long hair. A missionary hair cut is required (i.e., no hair that is below the ears, to the eyes, or mullet-like)! So, I cut his hair.

He was so good. I just used our clippers and buzzed it to 3/4". Bug sat practically still the whole time. Well, really, most of the time he was tilting his head back, trying to figure out what I was doing, what was making that noise, and what was touching his noggin'. Then, I pulled out the scissors to trim up a little bit. Obviously, my hair scissors aren't up to snuff, because one little snip and the whole hair cut looked like poop. Luckily, I was able to fix it with the clippers.


Then, after a shower for Bug, a cookie for Bug (I've pretty much given up on the single ingredient thing), lots of oohing and awe-ing over how grown up and cute Bug looks, I sat down and was nursing the little guy. That's when I saw them. I saw a few long hairs poking up on his head. They were just mocking me, laughing at getting through the trim, unscathed. So, I called my husband over with the non-hair scissors (which are up to snuff, thank you very much) and had him snip off those pesky, long hairs. And my husband did such a great job getting those hairs, that I won't even mention that he cut my finger just a little bit in the process. I love you, dearest honey!


Karena said...

I love the days when they're small enough to actually let you trim their hair. As they've gotten older, they are too impatient. So, I let someone else wrestle them down.

Goldibug said...

I love being the one to give them their first haircut. My boys haven't recieved a haircut for awhile now but I make sure to trim around their ears and their necks. So far it isn't in their eyes. My Hubby's family's hair starts going curly once it reaches a certain length so it really is pretty cute on my toddlers.

Mona said...

I"m impressed! I gave up on cutting my own kid's hair years ago when I actually snipped off the tip-top of my oldest's ear! The guilt I suffered for years after kept those clippers in the drawer. But I always envied the moms who managed it and saved money!

Leilani said...

AHA, If you can give cookies. Grandma's can give cookies :D
When my children were little I used suckers to keep them happy. Talk about coughing up fur balls.