Friday, December 26, 2008

That's Sweet

I am really into exclusively breastfeeding my babies for at least the first 6 months, and then breastfeeding until my baby weans on his own. Really, I kind of just watch my baby for clues as to how he wants to eat. So far, Bug has only had solid foods a handful of times. He is usually just more interested in playing with the food...or the spoon. That's fine with me. But, I've made a rule that he is only allowed to have single ingredient foods for now, if he chooses to eat. He does great with banana! Of course, he does still choke on most stuff. That's why I'm OK with him just nursing!

Well, Christmas 'tis the season for sugar and sweets. And lots of junk left on the floor. My family went to my in-law's house on Christmas day, and Bug was sitting on the floor as we all opened our family gifts. My brother-in-law had left his stash of candy from that morning on the floor, just next to where Bug was sitting. Of course, Bug found a nice piece of butterscotch candy to mouth. I wasn't too worried about it. It was still in the wrapper, and Bug had a good hold of it. I kept my eye on him, to make sure that he didn't lose his grip. Eventually, we all thought that Bug might be enjoying the taste of that candy wrapper a little bit too much. Even though I had just checked a minute ago, and the wrapper was all intact, I checked again....

And what do you know, Bug had torn a little hole in the wrapper, and was sucking on that little piece of butterscotch candy!!!! I took it right away from him, and tried to give him something else to play with. He was not happy with that, at all! He screamed and screamed! I felt like a horrible mom, and a total hypocrite for allowing Bug to eat candy (especially because I gave MY mom a hard time just the other day about giving Bug some mashed potatoes that had butter and milk in them!) Luckily, I was able to laugh about the situation. And apparently, butterscotch is even better than mama's milk!

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Mommy Bee said...

well, potatoes with butter/milk have dairy, which you SHOULD avoid carefully at least until he's one, along with anything with nuts, because of the allergy potential. With that said, does butterscotch have milk in it? I'm thinking it's actually probably one of the safer things he could have nibbled on...certainly safer than most chocolate candies.
My mom always complained because my dad always introduced the kids to soda and potato chips early on...well, you know, kids have a natural sweet tooth since breastmilk is so just make an effort to offer him less-sweet foods when you can. Bear was a fruit-stealer from the time he could reach and grab, so I just got him baby-safe feeders and let him have what he wanted (have you seen those? I can get you a link, although I found mine at target for $5/pair)