Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nursing is a funny game

Sometimes, when we are out and about, Bug misses his late afternoon nap. Then, he is super cranky in the evening, and I usually end up putting him down for an evening nap. But then he is waking up when the hubby and I are ready to go to sleep. We will stay up for a little bit longer, and we always try to wear Bug out so he will go back to sleep. Sometimes we will take advantage of Bug being happy and awake to get some "married couple" time to ourselves...because we all know, if we tried to get time to ourselves while Bug was sleeping, he would surely wake up right when it was most inconvenient!

Once we are completely exhausted, and totally ready for Bug to go to sleep, we all lay down in the bed. I prepare to nurse Bug into a blissful state of sleep. He has other plans....especially if he is in between mama and papa. He turns nursing into a game, and I must admit, it is pretty darn cute!

Here are the rules to the game: nurse for 5 seconds. Pull off, make sure to stretch mommy as far as she can go while doing it. Look over at daddy. Smile the biggest grin you can manage. Turn away from daddy quickly, pretending like you are Bashful, the dwarf. Remember to give a little giggle while you are turning! Latch back onto mommy. Bonus points for making a big slurping noise. Begin again, this time, nurse for only 4 seconds and laugh with even more cuteness. Each round, nurse for one second less, and amp up the adorable factor. When you run out of seconds to nurse, then you can nurse longer and finally go to sleep...but not until after you make mommy switch sides.

Luckily, the game hasn't yet added a biting rule, even though Bug got his two bottom teeth in about two weeks ago! Mommy will have to add a penalty if those pearly whites turn dangerous!

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