Friday, December 12, 2008

Bad Mom Award

I KNOW a lot of people who read this edition are going to think really poorly of me. But, hey, that is why it's under the "Bad Mom Award" category. Maybe you can call Children's Protective Services on me, eh!?

So, my little family lives in a crappy apartment. Every day I spend here at home, I hate it even more. Just the other day, to brighten my mood, they turned the water off....for the eighth time in 4 months. Just perfect for a stay-at-home mom, you know!? I can't do the dishes, or laundry (Oh, the diapers!!!!), or use the restroom, or even cook for that matter! Luckily, my little sister was able to come and get me and Bug, and take us over to my parents' house.

We put the car seat in her little car, and drove away. [Just a side note: We use a convertible car seat, not an infant car seat.] When we were about halfway to my parents' house (it is only a 15 minute drive away, so it wasn't that long) I looked back at Bug....

I had to do a little scream, because Bug's car seat WAS LEANING PRACTICALLY SIDEWAYS!!!!! What the heck!?!?! I reached back and corrected it, and held it in place the rest of the way. I went over and over in my mind how I buckled it in and tightened everything, and made sure everything was in place. Why on earth would it lean over like that?!? And more than that, why didn't Bug alert me when he toppled over?!?!

Once we got to my parents' house, I checked the seat. It was still buckled in correctly. I'm not exactly sure why it DID lean over. But everyone was safe. And why didn't Bug let me know what was going on? Well, of course, because he was fast asleep!

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