Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I could just spit!

Bug is a mouther. I have to rescue him from choking at least once a day.

Today, I was on the floor playing with Bug. We rolled his ball, crawled around and read through his little alphabet book. And, of course, he tried to put everything in his mouth. Because he puts everything in his mouth, he often has strings of saliva running from his mouth to whatever happens to be in his hands at the moment. After we read his alphabet book, Bug pulled his mouth away (I swear, if we had Braille books, he would read them with his tongue!) and his string of spit disconnected from the book, and was hanging down from his mouth about three inches. Bug happened to notice, for once, that there was something hanging there. He tried his hardest to grab the string. But he swayed and missed, because he was only supported with one hand. Then he tried again, and missed again. He happened to miss with every swipe, while I tried not to distract him with my muffled giggles. He eventually gave up, and put something else into his mouth. If he did manage to get a hold of that daggone spit strand, though, you bet he would have put it right into his mouth!

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