Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phew! What a week!

Bug puking in the middle of the night on mommy and daddy's bed. Bug having diarrhea. Bug getting a bright red bum. Bug and daddy and mommy waking up at 2am for at least four consecutive nights. Mom feeling crummy. Dad feeling crummy. Bug feeling crummy. Bug feeling active. Bug feeling needy. Bug getting bumps. Bug getting bruises. Bug getting poop on the carpet. Bug getting a paper cut on his lip that bled enough to freak mommy out. AND....our water getting turned off for the 10th AND 11th times in the seven months we've lived in our apartment. Looking for a new place to live. Not wanting to leave our ward at church. Not finding any place to live to keep us in our ward. Finding a place outside of our ward. Trying to break our lease without punishment because of all the heinous-ness we've had to deal with while living here. No cooperation on the part of our landlord. Mommy have nervous breakdowns.

And it hasn't ended yet. Somebody give me some chocolate. And tell God to keep up the beautiful weather! Maybe then I'll be able to produce a worthy blog post.


AFarCryFromNormal said...

I am sorry!!!! Hope the sun shines ALL around you LITERALLY and SOON!!

Rachel said...

Do you guys live in Utah? because if you do you should get gephart or some other news station to help you out. I'm so sorry for all the junk! Hope this week gets better.

Goldibug said...

Gosh that's awful! Hopefully you'll be able to find a great place and still stay in your ward. Keep praying. Something's gotta come up that will end up great!

Veronica Snapp said...

That sounds like you need a vacation! If you can't do a vacation then I hope you find a new apartment and SOON... oh and that bug feels better. That might help a bit!

Tara said...

I am so sorry! I just got an email from Mormon Mommy Blogs and I'm so glad because should have contacted you to let you know that your stuff is finally on its' way. The Choffy is being directly mailed to you, from the company, but the French Press is coming from me. So they will arrive in separate packages.

Sorry for the delay in getting your prize :( but know that you are not forgotten and it is on its way.

p.s.--I promise you it will have been worth the wait!!!!

Thank You!!