Monday, August 24, 2009

Barefoot Baby

When I was a kid, I used to run around barefoot all the time. It was a summer ritual to come inside once it got dark and pull thorns out of my feet. I guess you could say I was a country bumpkin. But it was something I loved. I loved the freedom of it. There is a mystical power to being natural (perhaps going barefoot as a child was the beginning to my natural/crunchy/hippie style). I have sentimental childhood memories of feeling like I could run through a field and then jump into the sky and fly away, with my clothes dirt smudged and grass stained, and my feet bare.

Bug hardly ever wears shoes. I always knew I wanted to be a mom that would let her kids run around barefoot. I couldn't imagine being a mom that required her kids to wear shoes. And I must admit, I still think moms that do require that are too strict! After Bug was born, we just put little socks on his feet. Then, in the summer, he went barefoot. When winter came around again, we were back to nice, warm socks. Once Bug started walking, it was warm enough again for him to go barefoot. Every now and then, I will put some shoes on his feet. But, more often than not, the shoes get pulled off and Bug is barefoot again!

Babies actually learn to walk better when they are able to walk without shoes. It helps them learn better balance, and helps improve the muscle control in their feet. Plus, shoes are a hassle. They are a pain to get on, and they always come back off.

I often get questions and comments about why Bug doesn't wear shoes. (Usually at church, for reasons unknown.) I just smile and say, "He doesn't need them". Because it is true. Right now, he doesn't need them. Of course, once it starts to get cold again, I will have to get him some shoes. But, I think I will try to get some soft soled shoes, so he will still feel like he is almost barefoot. And, you better believe it, as soon as it warms up again, he will probably be running around barefoot!


TopHat said...

Margaret's a barefoot baby too! Totally doesn't need shoes for church!

Goldibug said...

I kept my kudos barefoot all day. They only wore socks in the winter. Once they started walking I would put shoes on them outside only. They both love their shoes now and want to keep them on inside the house. I usually don't allow it since they're covered in dirt. I think barefoot is excellent for the first few years!

Rachel Sue said...

I'm with you. I hate to make my kids put their shoes on and my babies have many less shoes than anyone else I know!

mimihalley said...

My sister all through her life until college (even high school) would take her shoes off as soon as we got to church. She would leave them under the coats in the little closet spaces our church buildings have for them.

I was raised a shoe wearer. My mom never told us we had to, but she said if I went outside barefoot, I would step on a bee. And that terrified me. Haha. So I always wore shoes. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have tough soles that could handle the outdoors, but then haha I think of stepping on bees, and I'm still terrified. Some things we never grow out of. ;)

I don't know what I'll do with Jill. Hmm . . . :)

Pamla Barrett said...

I love barefoot babies! NO SHOES! Even in the winter you'll find me in sandals if I can get away with it! Unfortunately with Chase he hated having anything on his feet. Even the floor. So we had to buy him shoes to get him used to having stuff on his feet. Cause he would pull his socks off. I think that's why he doesn't walk yet. BUT he is walking along furniture and with his walker now!!!! :) So I'm sure it's any time now he'll get brave enough to let go! And I'll admit since he's walking more I take his shoes off as much as possible! :)

Hercules Family said...

Ok, baby shoes are so stinkin cute! But your right, useless till they start walking! Joshie never wears shoes but Conner LOVES them! When he started to walk he started wearing them only when we go outside the house and he gets so excited to put his shoes on! Even in the store he wants to try on every pair! Is that bad since he is a boy....haha. But barefoot outside feels so nice on the little tootsies!!! Unfortunately in Texas there are chiggers (little bugs that make you itch I never heard of them till being here) so you have to wear shoes or you get them! YUCK!