Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's good for you

My grandma once told me that doctors now believe parent's shouldn't discourage their kids from eating boogers. The logic? Boogers have germs in them from the air around us that will help build up the immunity of the kid eating them. Part of me wants to say, "That makes sense!" and part of my wants to say, "Grandma, that is the craziest and nastiest idea in the world...other than eating something else that would be nastier, of course!"

It is interesting though. I've seen tons of kids dig in their noses for treasures that are apparently too tasty to pass up. In fact, I think it is something that is almost biological. Where else could so many kids learn it? Unless there are parents out there everywhere that have the habit. It reminds me of biology classes that I've had before where I learned that frogs eat their own skin after they shed it. And that mother animals will eat their placentas after they give birth. (And my little sister's dog that would eat what my dad referred to as "kitty crunchies" or...litter box treats.) It seriously intrigues me. I don't think it is wrong. But I can't help but think it isn't something I would prefer to do.

Bug has been a little bit snotty recently. I blame it on teething. (He has ten teeth now. TEN! Two of them are the first of his little molars. So grown up!) And the snot is continually running down into his mouth, where he licks it up like it is a delectable treat. I wipe and wipe and wipe, yet still it runs. And if it isn't running, his nose is full of crystallized boogers. A cave of wonders, I tell ya! And every now and then, he gets a sticky little ball of gummed up booger hovering right around the edge of his nostril.

It was one of those sticky snot balls hanging out on his nose the other day. I was feeling a little too lazy to go get a tissue to wipe it up, so I was just going to swipe it with my finger and.....uhm....stick it under the couch I guess. (Really, I'm not sure what I was planning on doing with the booger once it was on my finger. That might have just been the motivation I needed to go get a tissue.) But, as my finger swiped down, Bug stuck out his tongue. There wasn't time for me to pull my finger away. I swiped that gooey booger ball right onto Bug's tongue, and he ate it up.

Maybe this is why children eat their boogers (apart from it being good for their immune systems). Their parents must just be too lazy to grab a tissue, and they conveniently swipe those boogers into the kiddos' mouths.


TopHat said...

I heard that if left alone, boogers get sent to the back of the throat and down to your stomach where they can be destroyed by the acid. Don't remember where I heard that though. But eating them would make the process go faster.

TopHat said...

Oh- and I forgot a little story. Last week Margaret had a bloody nose from falling on her face. When I saw the blood I unconsciously wiped it away from her nose with my finger... and tasted it. Then I realized, "What the heck! Why did I just taste that?"

I guess I see her as an extension of myself- and if I were bleeding I wouldn't hesitate to lick the blood of a wound. Hmm. Maybe I have issues.

Nick, Sara, and kids said...

lol that is the funniest thing i've ever heard! good thing cuz i catch all 3 of mine doing that from time to time. yuck!

Rachel said...

Um, just gross. That is one of my things. Boogers just plain gross me out. They always have. I am blessed to have a two year old who gets his own tissues. I seriously LOVE it!

Future Mama said...

EEEEEEEEWWWWW!!! hahahahahaa!!! OMG I have missed your lamentations!!

I HATE boogers too! I am going ot teach my baby to grab tissues at like... whenever they know what their nose and tissues are!!

I laughed when I read this post and my hubby asked "what?" I told him he didn't want to know but he said he did. I didn't even get to the licking boogers part and he said "that's enough!"

Maybe I'll get Snoop to lick our babies boogers!

Oh man, this is funny, I may have to write a post about this and link to this inspiration!

Julie@Momspective said...

*vomit* Boogers make me gag.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gross... LOL

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I actually remember nibbling on mine as a child. I turned out okay. :)

mimihalley said...

Hahaha and eww :)

Momza said...

LOL! Thanks for a great laugh! Perfect mommy-moment!