Monday, August 3, 2009

Nursing Funnies

I love reading funny stories about breastfeeding that other moms have shared. Maybe because they are so relatable. I can feel myself blushing and laughing right along with them. My favorite place to go read these funny stories is The Lighter Side on Actually, I love that whole site. It has tons of great information about nursing. But, really, it has the best funny stories out there! Is there anything funnier than overactive letdown in public? Oh, flashing a group of unsuspecting people is funnier? Or breastpumps acting up? Or loud mouth toddlers embarrassing their mothers? Well, it's all there. And it's all funny!


mimihalley said...

Haha I am glad that you can find overactive letdown in public funny. :) I need to work on my humor! ;)

Rachel Sue said...

Thanks for the link! I need some distace from the two huge wet spots on my shirt before it becomes funny, though!

Scotty said...

Its never funny when you have issues yourself just when hearing others. So I always think its funny. Especially when Mally folds her arms to discreetly stem the flow at random intervals of the day. I find it extremely funny but she just gives me dark looks.