Friday, August 29, 2008

Curds and Whoa...HEY!

Some babies spit up a lot, some almost never. Bug is not, and never was, much of a spitter. That means it always surprises me when he does spit up. Sometimes it comes as more of a surprise than other times.

Bug loves being held up in the air. It makes him smile and grunt with delight. For some reason, Bug hasn't quite mastered -squealing- with delight...or even giggling, for that matter. Although he did start yelling (at a reasonable decibel) just recently.

Anyway, one day I was laying on the floor, holding the cute, little guy up over me. After a couple of seconds up in the air, I would bring Bug back down to my chest. I would hold his arms just under his own chest to help him prop himself up, as he was still getting used to stabling his head upright on his own. This position put his cute face just inches from my own, and I would give him kisses and coos galore, before raising him back up into the air. On one particular "down time" moment, I had my mouth wide open in a smile of encouragement for my baby. Before I even knew what was really happening, I had a mouth full of spit up, warm and curdled. I shut my mouth and sat up right. Holding onto Bug still, I spit the load into my palm. My husband wasn't paying too much attention to my little play time with Bug, but he managed to laugh more than necessary when I sat up with lovely, white goo running down my chin. Luckily, lovingly, he handed me a burp rag, and I was able to clean myself up. I'm pretty sure the first thing he asked was "How does that taste?" or something to that effect. To which my reply was "Breast milk and bile." Once again, I am ever grateful that my baby is breastfed. I can't imagine what that would have been like with formula! Ugh, please excuse me while I go brush my teeth!

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