Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love that Play Gym!

A friend from church bought me (or bought Bug, rather) a Gymini play mat as a gift when I had my baby shower. I didn't realize until just about a month ago how daggone expensive those things mom didn't even spend that much money on me!!! Ok, well, maybe mom did spend more than that, but you get my point.

Anyway, Bug has loved the thing since the day he was born! I would lay him down on it to give my arms a rest and he would coo away, even before he could smile! He loves it still, even though he would prefer to be in my arms! Here are some of the funny things he does, or I can help him to do with his play gym:
1. If the mirror that is attached to the gym is behind his head, he will crane his little neck back, just so he can see himself. (*Your so vain, you probably think this post is about you!*)
2. Spin in circles...clockwise. I will Bug down with his head up at one end, and just a couple minutes later, his head is where his feet were. And he always moves clockwise...maybe that means he will always be on time!?!
3. Kick a rattle that I attached, and then try to grab it between his feet. He seriously will grab the rattle between his feet, not his toes, his two little feet. It's amazing!
4. Turn on the music. He loves to stretch out and show me how tall he is getting anyway, but when he gets the music to turn on at the same that is an accomplishment!
5. TRY to roll over. He hasn't quite gotten the whole rolling over thing down yet, but -MAN ALIVE!- he tries so hard! He will roll to his side, and then bury his face into the ground, trying to get his body to follow. It's dang cute, but he may just suffocate himself one of these days if he isn't careful!
6. Spit up. So, Bug was never much of a spitter (I thank my Heavenly Father for that blessing often!). However, it seems that as soon as he is on his little mat, he decides it's ok to spit up! Lovely.
7. Grab at the hanging toys, hold and shake them, then cry 'cause he can't figure out how to let go! It's really pretty cute, until he gets really mad.
8. Stand up, with a limited amount of Mommy's help, by holding onto the arches. He loves to stand, now that he knows he can, he never wants to sit (which makes it a pain to put him in the car seat, "Would you just bend your legs, PLEASE!?!?!?!"). So, I stand him up, put his hands on the arches and hold the mat on the other side to keep him from falling backwards with the mat coming down on top of him. I generally don't even have to touch him, unless he decides to let go with one hand. Then he wobbles around with one hand in the air, like he's in his own version of baby rodeo, before he falls over on himself.

Oh, how wonderful it is to have something so entertaining for the little guy. Although he is probably just as satisfied trying to show me how he can fit his whole fist into his mouth!

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